Neurobiology-Based Bodywork

Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is a neurobiology-based bodywork therapy that considers the integrity of your body - from skin cell to sense of self - to improve posture, relieve pain, and optimize athletic performance.



Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is a method of bodywork therapy integrating DermoNeuroModulation, Rolfing® Structural Integration, and traditional principles of Yoga. It is informed by convergent evidence from fields in neuroscience, like pain physiology, polyvagal theory, and clinical neurodynamics, as well as clinical observations in various manual therapies, the traditional principles of Yoga, and the exhaustive self-experimentation of its founder, Jackson Penfield-Cyr.

  • DermoNeuroModulation (DNM) is an up-to-date explanatory model and systems-thinking approach to manual therapy. (Dermo means "skin". Neuro means "nervous system". Modulation means "change".) It is a biopsychosocial framework, congruent with the science of pain physiology and thus applicable in working with people in pain.

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration is an interactive method of manual therapy focused on educating the body to express the natural integrity of its human form with an emphasis on the tensegrity within its structure. The hallmark of Rolfing® is a standardized, strategic “recipe” known as the Ten-Series, the goal of which is to systematically balance and optimize both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of the entire body over the course of ten sessions.

  • Yoga is a comprehensive system for well-being, offering techniques and guidance for health and happiness through self-exploration. As a practice, it reinforces inner and infinite human potential and the body’s intrinsic remedial capacity as a dynamic structure of integrity, ever-changing and gifted at transformation.

Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is a holistic practice — one of physical, mental, and emotional conditioning. It offers you and your body the opportunity for intentional transformation, through guided self-exploration of your nervous system. With careful attention to individual sensitivity and receptivity to the work, you will learn how to embody the process of Yoga, and take it everywhere you go.

By practicing Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy, you gain Health.

Health is not a commodity which can be purchased; it is an asset gained through work.

“[Health] is a state of complete equilibrium of body, mind and spirit. Forgetfulness of physical and mental consciousness is health. The yogi frees himself from physical disabilities and mental distractions [through practice].” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Most importantly, you will learn to love your body for what it is, and to know its truth:

Your body is not an impediment of accomplishment, it is your implement of attainment.





Sparśa [pronounced: spar-sha] is a Sanskrit term that is translated as “touch,” “contact,” “sensation,” “sense impression,” and “rapport,” among other translations.

Sparśa is defined as the unification of three factors: the sense organ, the sense object, and sense consciousness. For example, Sparśa occurs when a client becomes aware (sense consciousness) of the practitioner’s hand (sense object) on the client’s skin (sense organ).

Therefore, Yoga Sparśa ​may be translated to "Touch of Unity".

Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy offers a framework for understanding how you experience your physical world. It is an invitation to notice your unique live and in-the-moment experience — to notice your sensations, your perceptions of those sensations, your interactions between them, and the meaning you create from everything you notice.

Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is your invitation to an empowered state of physical awareness — your opportunity for transformation, to be all that you already are.


Structural Integration is a hands-on, interactive manual therapy using slow, sustained skin contact to invite accurate sensory perception awareness within the client’s body. Hand-holds are intentional, slow, intelligent, responsive, and effective, allowing the client’s nervous system to resolve habituated patterns of tension (i.e. neuromodulation) and to realize its natural integrity.


Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is a body education — a practice of uncovering and resolving inhibitions in the nervous system through touch, as you seek to find your true state of integrity.

In a series of sessions, the client and practitioner work together to better understand the client’s body and advance toward the client’s established goal. 

Each session is performed in a strategic and systematic way. We aim to illuminate and learn from the obstacles within the body and to release habituated patterns that lead to tension and pain. In doing so, we aim to improve strength and flexibility within the body, especially resiliency within your nervous system (i.e. neuroplasticity), and to achieve personal transformation with lasting integrity.


Most clients experience Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy within a series of 10 sessions, known as the Yoga Sparśa Ten Series. It is inspired by Dr. Ida Rolf’s classic Rolfing® Ten Series.

The Yoga Sparśa Ten Series serves as a systematic approach to integrate your physical structure, producing greater alignment and optimization of both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of your body. Each session builds upon the last and prepares your body for the next, and the series is organized in three sections:

  • The Surface Sessions (Sessions 1-3) serve to educate yourself about how to notice tension and restrictions at the superficial layers of the body and how to release patterns creating posture and movement limitations.

  • The Core Sessions (Sessions 4-7) serve to alleviate deeper tension and restrictions that traverse and impact territories within your body, particularly along the spine, that obstruct optimal function within your structure.

  • The Integration Sessions (Sessions 8-10) serve as an opportunity to fine tune and clarify the body in order to achieve resilient posture, optimal movement, and natural integrity.

The Yoga Sparśa Ten Series provides you with a complete itinerary to guide your body through its journey of integration. Although structural goals may be similar, the same session may look very different for each client, due to the distinct physicality of each person based upon genetics and habituated patterns of conditioning (i.e. learned behavior, movement patterns, etc.). Each series and every session is as unique as the person within it.


TRANSFORMATION: Yoga Sparśa sessions offer you and your body transformation through hands-on guided self-exploration of your nervous system. We will awaken your body to its present state and facilitate its shift to a more optimal condition. The process will secure a healthy physique, strong and elastic, reducing discomfort and promoting sustainability, and, perhaps most importantly, it will condition your mind.

EDUCATION: The process of Yoga Sparśa is an artful and scientific practice of guided intentional communication with your body. It is a practice that invites the you and your body into a new relationship through new kinesthetic experience and ways of sensing, thinking, and feeling. It is your opportunity to understand and embody your best physical identity.

PARTNERSHIP: Working together in a series of sessions, client and practitioner interrupt habitual patterns of tension and pain. The practitioner communicates with the client’s nervous system through touch to identify what type of input the client's body needs for the most effective self-regulation. With an attuned quality of touch, the practitioner's contact will involve various degrees of pressure, ranging from light to deep, with hand-holds that are intentional, slow, intelligent, and responsive.

EMPOWERMENT: True to the best practices within manual therapy and to the virtue of yoga philosophy, the practitioner does not seek to “fix” the client; instead, the practitioner and client work together, seeking to educate the client's body through cycles of input and feedback. Thus, the change you experience is directly dependent on your participation in the process.

PERSPECTIVE: From the outset, we must appreciate our bodies are shaped by many factors. Our genetics, environment, diet, activity, stressors, injuries, habits, beliefs, and present attitudes all play a role. In turn, the expressions of these variables become our postural and movement patterns — our physical identity.

Additionally, we must acknowledge there is no ideal posture or movement, so there will be no forcing your body into some ideal or “correct” position. Instead, we invite you to invite yourself to listen to your body and to notice where your body needs greater ease in order to be at peace in gravity.

PROCESS: To fully experience Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy, a series of sessions is conducted, usually ten sessions consecutive, inspired by Dr. Ida Rolf’s classic Rolfing® Ten Series, sometimes more or less. Each session focuses on different anatomical relationships within your body, and teaches you that your body is your prime instrument of integrity. Through this process, you will learn how to be at ease with your breath and at peace in your mind, and how to embody the change you seek for yourself.

RESULTS: As the practitioner gives the necessary input and space for inherent self-modulation to take place, the client will experience physical transformation perceptible in lowered tissue tone and greater freedom of movement. Most people who seek Yoga Sparśa sessions aim to resolve chronic pain, but it is a practice also employed by peak performers to unlock their full human potential. Ultimately, Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy teaches you about the state of your body and how to be at greater peace within gravity.


Yoga Sparśa Integration Therapy is a personal process, and the objective of a series is unique to the individual. In general, our objective is to offer an education that will last a lifetime. Together, our aim is to investigate the contributing factors of your discomfort — like chronic aches and/or tension — developing an understanding of their nature, and to explore and access you and your body's full integrative potential.

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