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Yoga Asana is a method of posture education and fitness self-discipline.
This service is offered primarily to those clients who have completed a Yoga Sparśa Ten Series with Jackson.





Asana is a Sanskrit term that literally translates to “seat” and traditionally translates to “posture.”

Yoga Asana is defined as the physical practice of yoga; the third limb of yoga within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Even so, it is a holistic practice — one of physical, mental, and emotional conditioning. Today, it serves as a holistic system of human postures, which offers a systems-thinking approach to human movement.


Yoga Asana is a fitness self-discipline based upon universal principles of human movement. It developed over centuries as powerful postures to exercise every element of the human body — every muscle, nerve, gland, vessel, and cell. These postures secure a healthy physique, strong and elastic, reducing fatigue and promoting endurance, and, perhaps most importantly, the practice of posture conditions your mental and emotional well-being.

When you practice Asana (i.e. bodily postures), you develop an intimate kinesthetic connection and understanding of your body and how it expresses itself in posture. This is a cultivation of proprioception (i.e. the awareness of where your body is in space) and interoception (i.e. the sensations not just of the air on your skin, but your bones, tendons, and body tissues, as you move your body, mindfully, modulating your breath).

Asana improves and sustains health — physically, mentally, and emotionally. The postures teach us about our bodies (i.e. patterns of physicality, habits of mentality, tendencies of breathing), because our bodies are constantly speaking to us and Asana offers us space and time to listen.


You will receive an education in posture. You will practice Asana with expert guidance on biomechanical instruction and careful attention to your individual ability. This practice will illuminate the obstacles within your body and give you the tools to release habituated patterns that lead to physical limitations and disability (i.e. tension and pain).

As you practice, you will learn how to seek and find balance between effort and ease in every posture. You will learn how to translate your practice into daily life. Hopefully, you will learn how to embrace the joy within the work of conditioning not only your physical body but your whole self.

Most importantly, you will learn to love your body for what it is, and to know its truth:

Your body is not an impediment of accomplishment, it is your implement of attainment.


In each session, our objective is to train your body to achieve postural transformation. As the client, your objective is to be with your body. Personal responsibility is required to do the honest, tough work of ‘give and receive’ — giving your body direction and receiving its feedback — in order to learn how to grow a better relationship with your body. This is the process of transformation.

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