Seek Peace in Body, Find Peace of Mind

Welcome. You are here, now, and perhaps again. So, why are you here?

Integrity Yoga is here to help you build a better relationship with your body — to seek and find your integrity through guided self-exploration. In fact, your presence here affirms your invitation to yourself. Your yoga practice has already begun.

Somewhere within, you know this simple truth: The body is the prime instrument of human integrity.

Your body is the home of your physical, mental, and emotional being; your vehicle for living, your temple of existence, your agent of change.

A body of integrity offers you the best opportunity to be your honest Self. It gives you the opportunity to achieve your inner greatness — being at your best when your best is needed — and to know true success:

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.” – Coach John Wooden

Yet, there is another truth you know: Life is full of obstacles.

Physical disturbance, mental distraction, emotional disruption — all these things affect the body. They all impact your integrity. And disturbance in the physical equilibrium is often the first obstacle to a body of integrity.

To embody integrity, you need resilient structure within the body. Physical health is integral to your body and its mental and emotional health, because the mind and spirit (i.e. consciousness and breath) serve your body through its nervous system (i.e. the control center of the body). Therefore, integrity requires the integration of the structure that is You, so you may live your true potential as You.

Which brings us back to our initial question: Why are YOU here?

Perhaps you are here to silence any and all physical disturbance you feel within your body, or perhaps you are here to realize your full potential — that true success. Perhaps you are here because you seek empowerment, to access your own inner and infinite source of ease and peace.

Ultimately, you are here in a search: a search for your one true self — to understand your body, to learn about your body, from your body, with your body. You are here to know your own integrity.

Integrity Yoga is more than a name: it is your process within.

Together, we will seek and find your Yoga — building physical strength and flexibility, producing mental clarity and consistency, attaining emotional equilibrium — and help you achieve your Integrity.

Welcome to Integrity Yoga; to the Yoga and the Integrity of YOU.


Hanover, NH
White River Junction, VT

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