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Welcome, neighbor.

You are here, now – and perhaps again.

So, why are you here?

Well, you’re probably here because you’re in search of better health.

Most folks work with me, Jackson Penfield-Cyr, because they seek professional assistance with their pain, their posture, and/or their athletic performance. Regardless, these conditions are always interrelated.

Health, to me, represents integrity – the state of being healthy – and as such, I’m here to help folks like you discover their personal sense of integrity.

You know all too well that life is full of obstacles to integrity. Whether the obstacle is physical, emotional, or mental, all these aspects of your being influence your health and well-being.

This is because everything you experience is a product of your nervous system (i.e. your mind – yes, the conscious and nonconscious bits, from your prefrontal cortex to your cutaneous nerves).

Your nervous system coordinates all activities of your body, enabling you to predict, respond, and adapt to changes both internal and external. Therefore, every experience you have has the potential to impact your sense of integrity – for better or worse.

My professional obligation is to help your nervous system achieve your personal sense of integrity. Through manual and movement therapy, I work with you to realize your extraordinary resilience – the ability for a body to experience a challenge and then return to state of integrity.

Now, you may be asking, “Okay, but where’s the Yoga?”

Yoga means “Union”. That’s all.

In reference to a personal practice, yoga is the practice of mindful embodiment – the work of uniting your nervous system (remember, your mind) within your body.

You will not be required to perform conventional ‘yoga poses’ in bodywork sessions – unless you’d like to. Instead, you’ll learn how every pose/posture/position in life has the potential to be a practice of Yoga.

Overall, my bodywork therapy will meet the needs of you, the client, with the aim to educate you on the neurobiological principles of health and well-being, so that you can integrate these principles into your daily life, so that you can be at peace within gravity as your one true self.

So, we return to that original question: Why are you here?

Ultimately, you are here in a search of self: You are here to know your sense of unity and health – your Yoga and Integrity.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to me, ask me a question and maybe even schedule a free consultation.

It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you.

Welcome to Integrity Yoga.

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