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Clients benefit the most from completing a series of sessions.
We can determine the best plan for you after your free consultation.

Rates: FAQ


Make A Donation To Your HealthPlease Read Mindfully

Integrity Yoga LLC is a Donation-Based Business. This means services are offered at suggested rates based upon market value, while the actual payment of each session is in the form of a donation, which is negotiated based upon personal financial means and perceived value.

Essentially, this work is an investment you make for your health and well-being. It is a donation to yourself.

(Yes, my intention here is to challenge your beliefs and preconceptions in regard to your relationship between your finances and your health.)

Donation means 'the act of giving'. Donation does not mean free. How much you give is your own personal business, according to your financial means and the value you place on investing in your own body.

Ask yourself this question: What is the value I place on the health of my body?

Many people will invest $2000 in a new laptop computer or into a motor vehicle without hesitation; yet, we often hesitate to invest in our relationship with our own body (i.e. your ultimate computer and vehicle).

My mission is to invite you into a whole new relationship with your body and mind; so if this is your intention for being here, I certainly don't wish to hinder you in your efforts by making these services cost prohibitive. I'm here to help you. 

Even so, I hope you choose to respect the value of this bodywork, which is truly priceless. If you have financial challenges, please communicate them with me, so we can establish a payment plan that meets your needs.

Please understand the payment of monthly rent and expenses as well as the livelihood of me, Jackson Penfield-Cyr, your bodywork therapist, comes only through client donations.

I trust that by offering my services generously with everybody, the universe will take care of me generously through everybody; because, I believe Yoga is for every body who chooses to embrace and embody the true potential of their own humanity.

Ultimately, Yoga is a practice of choice, and I will always respect yours. It is a practice of personal responsibility and growth, a discipline of self-directed health care that everyone is entitled to learn and exercise, as it has been shared over the centuries by people who truly care about investing in the health and happiness of all beings.

Thank you for being here and for your mindful consideration. I look forward to working with you.

With gratitude,

Jackson Penfield-Cyr


Each session is an investment, for your health and well-being.

"If you do not invest in your wellness, you will inevitably invest in your illness."

Suggested Investment: $100/hour


  • Consultation: $200 | 2 hours - 1 hour educational conversation, 1 hour experiential bodywork

  • This serves as your opportunity to learn about the basic scientific principles of bodywork therapy and to experience an abbreviated session firsthand. Essentially, whether or not you choose to work with Jackson, he hopes your consultation will empower you to make more informed choices and investments in your healing, health, and well-being.


  • Session: $200 | 2 hours

  • Yoga Sparśa Ten Series: $2800 | 10 sessions, 3 hours/session​


  • Session: $100 | 1 hour


  • Upon your completion of the Yoga Sparśa Ten Series, you are invited to give the gift of one session to someone else. In the wise words of a mentor, "Any goodness you feel, please pay it forward – that's the whole beautiful point of the practice."


  • Suggested rates vary. Please contact Jackson for more information.


Cash & Checks.


Please note that Integrity Yoga does not take insurance. Even so, bodywork services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee health benefit savings plan. Receipts are available upon request, which you may submit to your insurer, your flexible savings account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) for reimbursement.


Please note by scheduling an appointment you acknowledge and agree to respect the 24-hour cancellation policy. Missed sessions or late cancellations will be billed for the full suggested rate of the session. 

All fees collected from cancelled appointments will be applied to the Integrity Fund, helping to offer services for those with financial challenges.

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