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Seek Peace in Body, Find Peace of Mind


Yoga is, foremost, union. It is the union of many things, and all things.

Yoga is a state of being whole as well as a personal practice of mindful embodiment. It is way of conditioning our entire being (i.e. the physical state, the mental state, and the emotional state) with integrity — and in this way, it is a human system for well-being.

There is no perfect way to practice. What is perfection, anyway? When it comes to the humanity, it doesn’t exist.

Instead, Yoga embraces the concepts of Change and Choice.

Change is the only constant.

Choice is all we ever truly own.

As we practice our relationship with Choice and Change, we learn that health and happiness does not come from some external source; it comes from a source within.

The truth of the benefits of Yoga were articulated centuries ago, in the Bhagavad Gita:

“This is the real meaning of Yoga a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow.”

This is a pronouncement for the sake of humanity, a great and gentle reminder. When we practice our Yoga with integrity, we end our own suffering.

Integrity Yoga is our practice of Yoga — a system for healing through empowerment, a method of feeling through self-exploration, an opportunity to know yourself.

“All is Within. Seek and Find.” These words of wisdom are the summons of Integrity and Yoga.

We invite every body: Come as you are. Seek your Change. Find your Choice.

Yoga With Integrity.


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."



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