Integrity Yoga is all about change and choice. It is about empowering your inner and infinite capacity to change as well as choose the body you seek for yourself.

Our method of practice invites new kinesthetic experience and ways of being present with your body through yoga. Developed specifically and holistically for this purpose, Yoga is tried and true. It serves as an exceptional tool for personal growth and performance management, empowering you to transform your relationship with your whole being.

In addition, Integrity Yoga incorporates the latest research and convergent evidence from a myriad of fields, like neuroscience, to inform the efficacy of our practices. In fact, the more scientists study the nervous system, the more substantiation we have for Yoga as the primary force of human integration.

Integrity Yoga is serious about body integrity. In order to achieve the transformation you seek, we emphasize proper biomechanics to ensure optimal balance and alignment in the body. In general, our practice is less interested in dramatic spatial movements; instead, we aim to inspire your curiosity about subtle, safe, efficient movements to activate your nervous system and to improve your neural integrity with the process of breathing.

Our work is an invitation to the body, never an imposition of the mind. There is no ‘perfect’ posture or movement, so there will be no forcing your body into some ideal or ‘perfect’ position. Instead, we invite you to invite yourself to commune with your body, noticing what positions or movements your body prefers to be at peace in gravity.

Of course, we appreciate our bodies are shaped by many factors. Our genetics, environment, diet, activity, stressors, injuries, ailments, habits, beliefs, and attitudes all play a role. In turn, the expressions of these variables become our postural and movement patterns – our self-identity. And the expressions of these variables change, every day, in every moment, with every breath.

Integrity Yoga is all about your choice and your change. When you practice yoga with integrity, you empower yourself to know [who, what, when, where, how, why] you are in order to realize all that you are.



Words are influential. They offer us means of self-expression, and their definitions enable us to have a common understanding of a word or subject, allowing us to consider things meaningfully, in privacy or with others.

Here we offer our own definitions and brief explanations for several words at the heart of Integrity Yoga.

These words are:

  • Yoga

  • Integrity

  • Body

  • Self

Please remember: Reality transcends ordinary language. There are infinite ways to define these words and to illuminate their true variance and distinction, their true equivalence and uniformity. You may express these words differently, and in truth, we hope so. That’s what makes us all special – and still, the same.





While known popularly as a physical exercise, Yoga is foremost a philosophy of living — a way of life. It is an ancient practice and open system in search of truth, which extends beyond the physical and deep into the mental and emotional aspects of being human.

Yoga is defined by many people in many ways. At Integrity Yoga, we use two primary definitions:

  • Yoga

    • the practice of mindful embodiment.

    • the sustainability of one’s peace within gravity.

Our second definition acknowledges the need for equilibrium—balance between stress and relaxation, within the human body and within the world around us. This is what we achieve through Yoga.

Our first definition is adapted from the classical definition established within Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It is our principal definition. Now, let’s clarify our meaning by defining the words within it:

  • Practice – a process of the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method (as opposed to theories about such application or use) that becomes an activity or skill through repeated exercise or performance so as to acquire or maintain proficiency in it.

  • Mindful – conscious awareness of something.

  • Embodiment – a choice way of being, practiced consistently and informed by a collection of lived experiences; derived from Embody, which means “to give a body to” or “to be an expression of or give a form to.”

These three words are integral. Each one on its own complete, with reference to the physical, mental, and emotional elements within the human body. Together, they form a greater whole: Yoga.


Integrity, like Yoga, can be defined in two primary ways.

  • Integrity

    • the state of being whole.

    • the consistency of one’s actions through adherence to honesty and truth.

Our second definition is perhaps the more common reference. In this way, Integrity serves to guide our ethics, and serves as your personal invitation to adopt moral standards that reflect your commitment to yourself.

Once again, however, our first definition is our principal definition. So, let’s consider the words within it for the sake of clarity:

  • State – the particular condition that a body is in at a specific time.

  • Being – existence; the nature or essence of a person, especially in the present.

  • Whole – all of; a thing that is complete in itself.

As with our definition of Yoga, these three words are integral. Each word stands alone, a complete unit. Together, they create a greater unity.


The relationship between Yoga and Integrity is reciprocal and, as with all things, cyclical.

Your practice of mindful embodiment invites you to know your state of being whole and your state of being whole invites you to your practice of mindful embodiment.

Additionally, you may understand this relationship in the following ways:

  • You come to know your practice of mindful embodiment through the consistency of your actions through adherence to honesty and truth. And vice versa.

  • You come to know your state of being whole through the sustainability of your peace within gravity. And vice versa.

Therefore, in truth:

  • Yoga is the practice of Integrity. Integrity is the state of Yoga.


  • Yoga is the state of Integrity. Integrity is the practice of Yoga.

To know truth as one: this is Integrity Yoga.

Word Origins

Integrity – originates from the Latin word integer, meaning: “whole” and “complete”.

Yoga – originates from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning: “union”.

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The human body is a structure of existence. It is a form and a system.

The body is the home of your physical, mental, and emotional being; your vehicle for living, your temple of personality, your agent of change.

At Integrity Yoga, we define the Body here:

  • Body

    • the structure of a person that contains physical, mental, and emotional aspects.

The body is a walking biography of your life’s experiences. Physical, mental, and emotional pain may become a persistent everyday experience and may feel like a permanent state of being. And if it does, rest assured, it need not be.

At Integrity Yoga, we understand how to interrupt the cycle of pain and suffering by targeting habituated patterns of conditioning. When you complete a series of sessions, your sensory disturbances and inefficient movement patterns will be reduced or eliminated.

The body is a masterful entity of energy, with a powerful capacity to change for the best given proper time, space, and input. When you practice yoga with integrity, optimal transformation is inevitable.

The body is the prime instrument of your humanity, so we invite you to embrace its own yoga with integrity.


These are the questions we ask ourselves in Yoga: 

Who am I? What am I? When am I? Where am I? How am I? Why am I?

These are the simple questions, with answers as infinite as your inner potential.

Yoga teaches simplicity — specifically, that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. So ultimately, we know the answers to these questions:

I am a human being, alive, here and now, a body of change, ready to be known.

This is the truth about your Self.

Your Self is a fundamental concept. We define it here:

  • Self

    • the essential being of a person that distinguishes them from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action.

The Self is more than the Body. It is a totality beyond your physical, mental, and emotional being. It is your Body plus your essence, what some may call the Soul.

To know your Self, you must do the work of yoga with integrity.

Integrity Yoga® is here to serve you in that all-important work of Self-definition. As such, we submit a simple reminder as our philosophy: Nobody can do it for you, but you cannot do it alone.

As the ancient Greek aphorism states: Temet Nosce, “Know Thyself”.

We invite you to join us, and Yoga With Integrity.


Like Yoga and Integrity, the relationship between Body and Self is reciprocal. Your structure invites you to know its essential being and your essential being invites you to know its structure.

Therefore, in truth:

  • Your Body is the structure of Your Self. Your Self is the essence of Your Body.


  • Your Body is the essence of Your Self. Your Self is the structure of Your Body.

To know your own body, to be your one true self — this is the process and the purpose of Integrity Yoga.

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Word Origins

Body – originates from the Old English word bodig, meaning: unknown.

Self – originates from the Old English, of Germanic origin, meaning: used to express an emphatic sense of identity [i.e. (I) myself, (her) herself, etc.].


“Truth is One, the wise know it by many names.”



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