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Trees and Mountains

“Change is the only constant. Choice is all you every truly own.”


There is no perfect way to live, but there is a perfect way for you to be.

What is perfect? What does that mean?

Well, when it comes to the human being, objective perfection doesn’t exist.

Science guarantees it – the only constant is change.

However, when it comes to you being human, subjective perfection does exist.

Yoga assures it – your greatest possession is choice.

So, you see, perfect doesn’t exist in the world, it only exists within yourself.

It’s your change to know, and it’s your choice to grow.


At Integrity Yoga, you invite yourself to consider the power of choice and change.

It is through the process of working with your relationship to these universal principles that you will learn:

  • All Is Within. Seek And Find.

  • Seek Peace In Body. Find Peace Of Mind.

When you choose and change yourself, you change and choose yourself.

This is your invitation to do so.

Our Invitation: About

Perfect – (adjective) as good as it is possible to be; (verb) to bring to completion.

Change – (noun) the act of becoming different.

Choice – (noun) an act of selecting between two or more possibilities by a mind.

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