Integrity Yoga offers the following additional services.


The Art of Exploration

As a yoga instructor, advance your practice and enrich your education via individual or group mentorship.

This is an accountability partnership designed by you, to reflect your vision for your Self. This experience contrasts that of a training because the mentee and his or her personal intentions and interests inform the mentorship.

These exclusive sessions are your entry point to greater yoga with integrity.

Topics of study may include human biomechanics, asana sequencing, yogic philosophy, working in the yoga industry, meditation development, and body restoration.

Mentorship sessions are available in person and via Skype.


The Quest for Comfort

Integrity Yoga serves clients in the development and application of ergonomic solutions.

Ergonomic solutions are personal. There is no 'one-size-fits-all'.

Our approach recognizes the uniqueness of each person, prioritizing individual solutions for postural problems. We analyze, design, test, and evaluate solutions personalized for the individual and educational for companies.

All assessment recommendations are prioritized to facilitate immediate implementation. All assessments are handled professionally and confidentially.


The Pursuit of Excellence

Peak Performance is, in fact, the primary objective of Yoga. 

The secrets of success are hidden within the routines of daily life; so, to be at your best when your best is needed - which is every moment within every day - you must develop personal practices to maximize your life experience. 

Integrity Yoga empowers athletes and other peak performance aspirants in self-optimization, training the body how to integrate principles of human movement to achieve performance excellence.

We offer practical skills that translate to daily life, creating an integral system of personal transformation, empowered performance, and lifelong well-being.


The Articulation of Integrity

Integrity Yoga welcomes invitation and opportunity to share Yoga with others.

Jackson is the public speaker who will educate, empower, and energize your team or class, company or community on the philosophy, principles, and practice of Yoga. 

Please contact Jackson today!


The Revelation of Vacation

Coming Soon!


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